ALLYNN GOOEN and his Goowin's Balloowins

Heralded as the originator of Balloon Story Theatre, Allynn Gooen smiles when using the term "POP ART." For over forty years Allynn has been delighting audiences of all ages the world over. Allynn performs his shows for theatres and festivals throughout North America as well as overseas in Asia, Australia, and Europe. He has "puffed up' for some of the top corporations and amusement parks and for the "Rich and Famous." Years ago "US New and World Report" ran an article describing a strange, new medium - cable television. This ground-breaking article included a collage of images of a "fanciful" children's show host. This was Allynn with his television series: "Goowin's Balloowins."
Allynn with his "sculpted air" continues to charm audiences. In venues ranging from fully equipped, beautiful theatres to grassy knolls in Aboriginal villages, children, families, grown-ups, and seniors all make a magical bond with this lighter-than-air Pied Piper.

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